Drink Careers 101

Drink Careers 101: How To Get A Job In the Beverage Industry

We are creating a printed how-to guide to pursuing a career in the beverage industry, covering job opportunities working with wine, beer, spirits, coffee, tea and soda. This comprehensive guide will explore a long list of specific beverage professions in full detail, with insights and resources for securing employment in the beverage industry. Information will be provided on education and certification options and current industry trends, along with interviews with leading beverage industry professionals, many of whom are already involved with this project.

The Drink Careers 101 guide will be supported by speaking events, with Mutineer President Alan Kropf presenting the information in the guide to in various college communities across the United States.

All of the work for this printed guide will be done in-house, with Mutineer Magazine's seasoned editorial and design teams handling production, so you know the final product will be as creative and eye-catching as it is informative.

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